The most useful tool in VM

By Anastasiia Dzhuromska

In the modern world when competition is growing I think it is very important to use all legal tools which are available for increasing sales. Even if the popularity of online stores grows rapidly in-store shopping is still indispensable and extremely important. With the growth of retail the scope of Visual Merchandising is also increasing.

I think the main goal of the Visual Merchandising is communication with the customers and creation of desire. Visual Merchandising is a key function which a retailer is involved in from the start of store design to the continuous innovation in the store. Visual Merchandising is everything that customer sees insight and outsight of the store. It is said that 80 percent of our impression are created by sight. It confirms the importance of Visual Merchandising.

What are two different environments of the Visual Merchandising?

Like I mentioned before there are two different types: store exterior and interior.

Based on the exterior of the store customer will form decision to enter the store or just pass by.

The elements of the exterior are:

  • Façade of the shop
  • Store signs
  • Banners
  • Planters/ Awnings/ Canopies

The problems arise when these tools  are forbidden. For example, in Prague banners, awnings and canopies in front of the stores are forbidden because it is ruining historical identity of the city. Façade of the building must keep primary view. For instance, huge shopping center which is located in the center of Prague kept the original faç

In case when exterior using is limited it’s better to focus on interior.

The elements of the interior are:

  • Windows
  • Highpoints
  • Focal points
  • Nesting tables
  • Staircase landing
  • Step Raisers
  • Lift area
  • Pennants/Danglers
  • Cash Counters
  • Pillars
  • Entrances

For me the most interesting part of the interior design is windows. It’s like visiting card of the shop.

This tool creates image of the store, tells some story about the company. When I see tasteless windows for me it’s signal that store doesn’t deserve my attention. Although I am like a person who is interesting in this topic understand that it can be just mistake of the visual merchandiser who picked up the wrong clothes or create unattractive design. But most buyers do not think about it.

Fast fashion – fast decision.



Advertising and other marketing tools can create awareness of the brand. But Visual Merchandising creates the last incentive.

Use Visual Merchandising for luring customers into your shop. Start with creating beautiful and interesting windows, because through them you start your conversation with the customer.

At least I see this in this way.

Do you agree with me?

Used information from the book: Visual Merchandising. Author: Swati Bhalla,Anuraag S. Visual Merchandising book